Vetiver Essential Oil - Brisbane


Botanical Name:                   Vetiveria zizanoides

Synonym:                              Andropogon muricatus, vetivert

Botanical Family:                  Poaceae (Gramineae)

Country of Origin:                 India, Java, Haiti

Plant Part:                             Roots

Extraction Method:               Steam distillation

Characteristics:                     Earthy, smoky

Properties:                             Antiseptic, nervine, sedative, tonic, vermifuge

Chemical Constituents:      
Benzoic acid, vetiverol, furfurol, α-vetivone, β-vetivone, vetivene, vetivenyl vetivenate




Mind & Spirit:                                   


  • Calming and deeply grounding
  • Soothes irritability, anger and hysteria.




  • Sedative
  • Alleviates muscular aches and pains
  • Treats PMS and menopause.


Contraindications:                Nil

Note:                                     Base

Odour Intensity:                    Un-referred

Blends well with:                 
Frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, lemon, lavender, patchouli, rose, rosewood, sandalwood, ylang ylang



In India and Sri Lanka the dried, thin, wiry roots are woven into fans, screens and mats.  It is known as “the oil of tranquillity” du to its calming action.  The powdered root protected Indian muslin from moths and insects when placed in sachets.