Brats Bath/Massage Oil

There is nothing that promotes more of a bond between you and your baby quite like baby massage.  These blends can be used direct to skin or in bath water which will leave your baby’s skin incredibly soft. Perfect for calming fussy babies, the vapours of the essential oils will not only help to soothe and calm your baby, but you too.


All made with 100% pure essential oils as well as apricot kernel and grapeseed oils help keep you and your baby cool, calm and collected in those times when motherhood might expect more than you think you can handle.



Combining two of the most commonly calming oils, lavender and chamomile mean that this is the perfect blend not just for your baby, but for you too! This is one of the most calming blends, so it’s perfect to use in their room to help them settle and relax. Contains pure essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile.



Calm your bundle of joy with this beautiful blend of tangerine and neroli. Also helpful for common digestive problems, this is the perfect blend to help nurture your new baby. Contains pure essential oils of Tangerine & Neroli.



Finally - a bath and body oil for children that isn’t chock full of chemicals. This is perfect for those babies with dry skin and can help to relieve eczema and other skin complaints. Use as a body oil directly to the skin or in bath water for an all over coverage with minimal product needed. Contains pure essential oils of immortelle, chamomile, calendula and lavender.


Apricot Kernel Oil is soothing and nourishing. It is excellent for re-hydrating dry skin and helps to sooth minor skin irritations. It is also known for its regenerative properties and ability to heal scars from the inside out.  It is light, absorbing easily and quickly into the skin.


Grapeseed Oil possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities. It is highly moisturising and is known to reduce the look of stretch marks. It is a light, thin oil and leaves a glossy film over the skin.


Each 125ml Bath/Massage Oil is packaged in cobalt blue PET bottles.